Town of Springdale Notice of Newly Enacted Ordinance No. 16-08-1

Tick Information
Antibiotics Overuse
Avoiding Problems with Bats
Beware-Blue Green Algae
Building Permit Application
Controlled Burn Information
Dark Sky Lighting Informational Handout
Dark Sky Lighting Information
Disposal of Unused Medicines
Emerald Ash Borer Awareness
Fees for Town of Springdale
Hepatitis C Information
Lead Poisoning Information
Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Risk Assessment Questionnaire Page 1
Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Risk Assessment Questionnaire Page 2
Noxious Weeds Notice
Radon Test
Reducing Exposure to Lead when Living in Older Building
Use Value Conversion Charge for Converted Farm Land
West Nile Virus
Whooping Cough Vaccinations Important
Wood Recycling & Emerald Ash Borer Infestation


Village of Mt. Horeb Recycling Event May 6, 2017
Agricultural Clean Sweep Pre-Registration Form
Brush Collection Sites
Clean Sweep Fact Sheet
Clean Sweep Special Waste Disposal Guidelines
Area Locations for Drop-Off Sites for Syringes and Needles
Electronics Recycling
Going Green with Holiday Recycling Tips
Guide to Recycling 2017
Important Recycling Information
Wisconsin E-Waste Law in Effect as of January, 2010
Plastic Recycling
Recycling Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Recycling Resources
Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection


Friends of Donald Park
Dane County
State of Wisconsin